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The value in Partnership. We listen to our cliental and only promise what we can deliver.

Our customized recruiting module allow for us to target large and small Companies by quickly expanding your talent pool, lowering your cost expenses, and decreasing turn-over with a more measurable and productive associate. We are specialists in Light industrial, Distribution, and Manufacturing. We provide test material to ensure you receive a qualified candidate versus a warm-body. Any Staffing Provider can send warm bodies, which ultimately causes turn-over, time and money for unnecessary talent. We listen to our clients and the KPI’s to ensure we can help provide a reliable and more productive associate, and effect our customers Retention, Quality, Safety and productivity for a true partnership to become an extension of our customers success.

Basic Testing Assessments 

  • Integrity assessment
  • Fundamental math test
  • Attention-to-detail test
  • Measurement test
  • Pick ticket test

Temporary Staffing – Scale your team to meet variable demands, take on new projects and fill in for vacations and leaves of absence. You’ll have access to the people you need without adding to your overhead.

Temp-to-hire – Find that perfect-fit candidate and eliminate your risk of making a bad hire. Try one of our employees on location to assess them for skills, behavioral and cultural fit before extending a job offer.

Direct hire – Save time and money by allowing us to recruit, screen and refer qualified candidates to meet your hiring needs. You pay our service only if you hire a candidate we provide.

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